When I was a child I would have occasional seizures which would cause what appeared to be blank staring lapses, sometimes lasting five minutes, and on a few occasions twenty. This caused me to miss many pertinent points of my classrooms, and sometimes I would hand in a test with only the first question answered, as I had gone to my "other place" while sitting poised at my desk, pencil in hand, staring blankly at the paper. Although this hurt my testing scores, I managed to excel at art class, first in New York and then later in the south. The "other place" I would go to was calm and peaceful, like another dimension, and I was cut off from the present. I became obsessed with studying books on the brain, which I do to this day…but art was my salvation. I do not paint because it is simply enjoyable. I cannot, not paint. I cannot, "not create". This is my life’s blood. The seizures stopped when I was about 17, but the obsession to create did not. I worked primarily in oils in my early years, although I found I could move quicker with Acrylic, so eventually I moved to that. I now use many different paints; many I mix myself with various pigments, including thickeners like sand, glue, organics, and even rust, to give my pieces texture. I often add dimension by attaching sculpture and clay to the canvas to create what I see in my mind. People sometimes ask me what I am painting, and my standard answer is "lambs in a field" because to try and explain how I, myself, am surprised by what my mind dictates to me, as I create, is very hard. One day I will paint my version of lambs in a field, perhaps tomorrow.